The Liebster Award! Nominating Fellow TravelBloggers for their Exceptional Talent!

I want to extend a humbling thanks to the wonderful staff of bohotraveller at for nominating me for the Liebster Award, an award by fellow travel writers who in turn recognize other  writers for their amazing contribution to travel!   I am overwhelmingly grateful for the recognition as I had recently started sharing my travel adventures this year!  Here is what bohotraveller had to say about my travelblog:

A travel bug bit her when she was a little girl and her passion for travel increased multifold when she took up a job as Assistant Purser on the SS Vera Cruz. What hooked us to her blog was the amazing collection of pictures from around the world and her coverage of Arizona just blew us off our feet. So before we spill more beans on her, why don’t you pay a visit to her on and get in touch with this lovely traveler!

Many thanks to bohotraveller for taking an interest in my blog and for the nomination!   It has been such an amazing experience to share stories with others who are just as passionate about travel as I am!  I look forward to posting more information that I hope can be helpful to all my readers with their travels and thank you for your continued support!  I can’t thank you enough for the honor, bohotraveller!  Muah!

Having accepted this nomination, I have answered the ten questions that were provided by bohotraveller and have thoroughly enjoyed this process as it has taken me back to some of most memorable adventures!

Question 1:  Tell us a little about yourself.  And do add something that we do not know about you!
Travel is my passion and I currently work in pharmaceuticals on the research development side of the industry.  I have been an active traveler for most of my life living on both coasts of the United States! I am an insane lover of all animals, especially cats, big or small and have one of my own named Sammy.  When I was in the sixth grade, I won the highest honors for a singing contest for the state of Ohio!

Question 2:  What is your blog about and when did you start? 
My blog is a compilation of travels that I have experienced both internationally and in my backyard.  You can find an opportunity to write a story if you just look for it and explore the places that interest you, even in your own hometown!  My first blog post was published on January 1, 2016!

Question 3:  Why did you feel the need for a blog?
I have always been fascinated by travel writing, and kept journals of my cruise ship life and all of the travels I had experienced since my early vacations.  I did not have the courage to submit my writings to be published, but my friends and colleagues encouraged me to start a blog as a way to keep up with me and my travels.  And voila! It has since become a passion and second career, to say the least!

Question 4:  What is your most favourite destination till date?
Working on cruise ships, this was always the question I dreaded to answer.  Mainly because each place that you visit will usually make an impact on you in one way or another.  But to be fair in answering, I would have to say Bali, Indonesia, for several reasons.  It was my first major solo travel trip with the help of a Balinese friend that I stayed in contact with over the years since my cruise ship days.  Secondly, I was invited private Hindu ceremonies that brought me closer to the culture of the Balinese.  Finally, if you have ever seen photos of Bali, you can see the beauty in the island and the diversity that you can experience here!

Question 5:  What is next on your bucket list?
I have a bucket list that seems to be unending.  This year I will be hitting Madeira, Portugal, Vietnam and Cambodia as well Nova Scotia and New Brunswick!   Next year I have already begun planning my two top bucket list items which are trips to Israel and Machu Picchu!

Question 6:  If you could live only in one place all your life, which place would you choose and why?
I have always been fascinated by the Italian culture and their way of life.  I would have to say that living in Tuscany would be the ideal place for my laid-back personality and love of wine. The only drawback would be that the weather can be cold at times.

Question 7:  What is the biggest challenge that you have ever faced in your travels to date?
Having missed my connecting flight to Venice, I worked with the ticketing agent to “creatively” create an itinerary that would allow me to arrive before the cruise ship for which I was scheduled to embark the next day.   Within a 24 hour period, I had visited five countries.  The route went from Newark, NJ where I was to fly into Heathrow, England and taxi to Gatwick.  The time to reach Gatwick was too short, so the agent booked me on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  Upon arrival they immediately provided me a ticket to Paris, France, as there were no seats available for Venice.  From Paris, I boarded the final leg of my flight, finally arriving in Venice, Italy!   I was about 10 hours late from my initial arrival, but I somehow managed, with the help of the airline staff, to make it before my cruise the next day!

Question 8:  You are a seaside person or a mountain person?  And why?
Maybe it’s my living on cruise ships for so many years, that I love the sound of water and love to watch the waves crashing on the beach.  It is such a therapeutic experience for me to smell the salty air and sink my toes in the sand.

Question 9:  Apart from travelling, what else do you really enjoy doing?
Photography!  From family photos to landscape and animals, I absolutely love to capture incredible sights on film!

And with that said, I want to once again thank bohotraveller for their kind words of introduction, the nomination and keeping in touch for some travel inspiration!

For some, travel is an outlet that takes one to a whole new level in understanding culture, seeing the beauty in the world and experiencing an education that you can’t always find at home!  This is what I found in MY nominees for the Liebster award!!

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