My Return Flight on Frontier Airlines: LAS to CVG


Since this was our return flight back to Cincinnati, all of the arrangements had been made ahead of time. You can check out my first experience flying Frontier Airlines at

Dave and I headed down to the service desk/front desk of Harrah’s to book our transportation from the hotel to the airport. They provide shuttle service for a $10 per person. Unfortunately, we were not able to print out our tickets that night, but I knew we could wait until we arrived at the airport to print out the boarding passes and pay the additional fee for baggage.


We arrived 90 minutes prior to the flight’s departure and again, we were met by Frontier Airlines with a long wait for the ticket counter. We approached the ticket agent and because we were leaving from the hotel, I was unable to print out the tickets for our return flight. Therefore, we did not have our seat selected nor did we pay in advance for our luggage. She quickly processed our paperwork, tagged our luggage and provided us with paper tickets so that we could begin the wait in line for security. Interestingly, we were not charged an additional fee here for our luggage. Thanks Frontier Agent and the Las Vegas Ticket Agents!

The security line seemed quite long but there were several machines available to check carry-ons and screen passengers.  We were entertained by passengers traveling in bath robes and an agitated security agent, who provided a continuous overview of the security procedures because it seemed as though people may have been too hung over to follow instructions.  The wait lasted about 20 minutes with only a few to spare before we needed to reach our gate.

We were not seated together, but we had the first row, middle seats, with plenty of leg room. We slept most of the 3 ½ hour flight back home and it seemed as if in no time we were landing in CVG. We collected our luggage from the carousel, picked up our parked car from long-term parking and headed back home. Yeah!

So would I book another flight with Frontier Airlines? Absolutely! Now that we are familiar with their policies and procedures and know what to expect at the ticket counter, this will be a breeze the next time we choose Frontier as our air carrier. Many thanks to all of the employees at Frontier who made our trip uneventful (which is always a good thing) and provided us excellent service!

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